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Describe The Quality of Positive Mental Health In Your Workplace

If you’re like most people, you hope and do your best to make a difference with your work and with your co-workers. You want to contribute to something bigger than yourself, and you want to help people, either through the products or the services you deliver. It’s like we instinctively know that part of our purpose here is to help others. And when we do that, we feel happy in a way that nothing else can make us feel. Most people want to contribute to something bigger than themselves. They want to feel part of a team working towards something that is worthwhile. We want to feel that our work is meaningful. Important.

To do this in our workplace, we need to feel that our workplace is like a base camp. Supporting us. Welcoming us. Appreciating us. Wanting to see us succeed and grow. Everyone working together towards a great common goal. Of course there are no perfect workplaces. So, the question that we pose here is “How fertile is your workplace in helping you achieve all these things?”

How would you describe the quality of positive mental health in your workplace? Does it make you feel safe? Accept you? Support you? Does it make you feel like you’re walking on eggshells? Reject and criticize you? Make you feel like you’re not good enough? Do you feel at ease? Is your good energy flowing? Are you tense? Are you waiting for someone to catch your next mistake? Our workplace culture has a great influence on whether we flourish or we fail. And, our workplace culture totally impacts our daily mental health.

No matter the quality of positive mental health of your workplace, it can be made better. Trust me on this one. It can change. You CAN look forward more and more to going to work, and working with your colleagues and clients. The dark cloud of work that you may be taking home with you CAN lift. And as a result of this, you CAN be more at ease both at work and when you are away from work with your friends and family.

We spend at least half of our day at work. Some of us even more!! It’s a huge part of our lives. Of course there is no perfect job or perfect career. We all have bad days. But for most of us, if work isn’t working, then life’s not working. Don’t we owe it to ourselves, our coworkers, our clients and customers, to our friends, and spouses and sons and daughters to share all of our best selves with them? In work and outside of work?

Q: How can you improve the quality of positive mental health in your workplace? Share!

Robert Manolson is a Team Engagement Expert & Mental Health Champion, and the Business Owner of Powerful Play Experiences, Positive Workplace Mental Health…For Teams. He’s the guy you call when you need a high energy, highly creative and wonderfully experienced Workshop Facilitator for your next event.

Robert very quickly turns a room of the most reserved wall flowers into an engaged and lively group, while delivering a workshop experience with amazing levels of fun, plenty of happy, and an abundance of laughter.

His message to everyone? “We All Need More Fun At Work. More Fun At Work Leads To Even More Positive Mental Health At Work. And You know what? Positive Mental Health At Work Is A Great Thing For Everyone In Today’s Always Busy, Always Stressful World Of Work. Wouldn’t you agree?”

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Robert Manolson
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A journey of lifelong LEADERSHIP has resulted in amazing opportunities to pursue my rich passion in challenging workplace teams, career planners, and entrepreneurs to create new possibilities in work and in life.